Monday, November 3, 2014


Where do I start. Can I just say, I dont think Ive ever had so much fun in my life. This week was just incredibly amazing. So many things to write about, and so many pictures were taken, because I dont even have the personal time of the day to write down what we did. We just work and plan and work and plan and have no personal time whatsoever. (: But I LOVE it.
Alright, so first of all we have been calling alot of people to repentance just like Alma and Almulek do alot in the book of mormon and its been working suprising well for us. Thats the key to conversion. Repentence. If someone can truly repent for all their actions and continue to repent every day, it would be really hard to fall away from the church and really hard to to be just so happy every day! We have seen more people cry because of the words the spirit has put into our mouths. People are changing their lives for the better. We had a 3 baptisms on saturday and reactivated the mom, making a whole family in the church. So amazing. The happiness I saw in them. We were asked to help in the confirmation of the spirit in front of the whole ward on sunday, which was my first time to help in that ordinance, and boy can I say I felt the spirit roll out of my body and enter into the hermano who I had my hands on. Whenever the bishop said "R-R-R-Recibe el espiritu santo," my body just shook in the power that we have as priesthood holders. It was a marvillous experience.

We had one day this week which was just really hard. We were havinng much success and we talked to alot of people that day and we got rejected alot that day. We were kinda discouraged and we had alot of appointments fall. Finally, the last house we talked too was a nice old man named Luis. He let us in his house and told us he was a scout leader. Of course my companion and I pulled out our eagle scout cards and rejoiced in the greatness of the program. (Thanks dad for pushing me) He said we would have to leave in a few minutes because he had somone coming to visit him. So about 5 minutes later we heard "Allo" which is how we ring the door bell here. We were kinda bummed cause we knew we had to go. And then out of now where, one of the return missionary sisters walks in and says Hey Elders! We were filled with excitement as we shared a the gospel(good news) with this hermano and a sister from the ward. AWESOME.
We have been just talking to EVERYONE in the street. We have just been focusing on building up peoples days like the video called Validation on youtube! Were having a blast. We have been taking pictures with alot of chileans too. (:
We also found another awesome family this week who are part members. We had an amazing lesson on the atonement of christ and they are really interested!
The most fun contact of the week was when we saw a man riding down the street on his tricicle. I think Ive sent home pictures of those things! Its like a tricicle with a big storage space in front. They are everywhere here. They are like the trucks of chile. We point at one like we would to a taxi, and he pulled over. We asked him if he would take us. He said no but we could take him. So my comp hopped on a bike and i sat with the man in the storage space in front and did a contact while driving down the road. So funny (:
Today we went to the beach and went on the oldest running train in south america. Super fun! We met lots of funny chileans like hillbillies. We also found a cave. (:
Hey, work hard. Many times as members we are only active in the church, but we arent active in the gospel.
If you find your self in that situation. Repent, and get active in the gospel. We are too fortunate to have this knowledge and we dont have the right to be messing up with all the stupid things that the world says we should do.
I love you all. Thanks for the support.
Elder McGee

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