Monday, October 27, 2014

Im now experiancing a what the mission really should be like!

Im now experiancing a what the mission really should be like!

Elder Adair and I got put together (We met in the mtc in mexico a year ago) and we are having a blast!! Or en chileno: "Estamos pasandolo chancho!!" Wow. We dont feel like companions. We feel like 2 brothers who are put together just loving the lord and doing his will! I feel like we are Alma and Almulek from the book of mormon knocking down jailhouse walls. We have 4 baptisms planned for this week, and I went from teaching like 10-15 lessons a week to like teaching 30 lessons a week and finding tons of new poeple! We are in the independencia ward here in the city of Talca. We had 180 people in church yesterday as opposed to the week before in my last sector with 40 people. SO CRAZY. This is the first ward I have seen in chile that works how it should. There are like 5 fresh return missionaries, and its just crazy!
We have tons of awesome people we are working with! This past week we made like 4 poeple just burst into tears of happiness or of need to repent and change their life. Its amazing how when we work closer with spirit, God truly puts words in our mouths. Just incredible week, with so many poeple wanting to make changes in their lives. We are truly working as hard as we can to be examples and love the Lord!
We live alone, so we have alot of time to do planning and get everything put together. 
We just tore it up!
We did a practice with a guy in the street and made him tell someone else he loved him. We had water drinking contests and balloon blowing up contests. We just have so much fun and enjoy life so much! We are both just bored of following the normal missionary routine so we are trying to switch things up a little bit more!
The family that I was going to baptize this week in pichilemu sent me some awesome pictures of them getting baptized in the ocean (:
Life is good.
Elder McGee en Talca.

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