Tuesday, March 3, 2015

​Here we are reporting from BUIN!

​Here we are reporting from BUIN!
This sector is awesome. We had so much fun this week!

Today we had this grand idea for all the 28 missionaries of zone to come and do an awesome scavenger hunt! It was super fun, they all had to take pictures of 26 chilean things like a typical chilean cowboy (huasso) or the typical chilean flower (Copihue) and it was a blast! The last picture they had to take was with us! haha (:

We had some good success this week as we found a couple new families to work with! ​The branch that Im in now is Los Jardines. This week 100 people went, but usually we average around 80 people. It was a very loving branch on sunday and I was pleased to share my testimony with everyone! I felt the spirit launch out of my soul like a flame thrower as I testified of the truths I have come to know in the mission. BOOM. Powerful.

On friday we had a special lidership meeting in Presidents house and it was fun getting there because here in Buin there is no bus station, so we have to roll out to the highway and flag down a bus to take us an hour south to Rancagua. The meeting was powerful and it was super fun, not to mention the delicious hawaiin hay stacks! Yumm!

We brought a new investigator to church this week and he is way awesome, but he showed up drunk! It was kinnda funny, but he has good intentenciones to leave it all behind.

Life is good here in the mission(:

I enjoy being in a rural town again as you can see in my pictures (:

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