Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm officially down to 3 changes left.

Hey Family (:
Well, Im officially down to 3 changes left. Cant believe the time is coming so fast! It only makes me wanna work harder! We had interviews this week, and President was telling me how sometimes missionaries come into his office and tell him they are tired and cant work anymore. He says Youre only 20! How can you be tired? haha It made me laugh!

Big news of the week is that Im getting transfered from the farthest zone south: Talca, to the farthest zone north: Buin. Ill be in a branch called Los Jardines. Im super excited. My new companion will be from Peru! My first latin comp in 5 months! haha. Im ready to swing it back into to spanish 24/7.

I got to go on splits with another Elder from colorado. He is in his second change. We had so much fun together. He was crackin up the whole day at the funny things I would do with people, like pick them up, give them a big rasberry on their neck, or do some rapping. You gotta do whatever it takes to win peoples trust over. And as soon as you win their trust you blow them away with something from the Gospel and they end up changing their lives! haha. Live is awesome here in the mission. Its awesome to be able to share ideas with new Elders in the mission!

We were teaching the story of the brother of jared this week (which is found in Ether 2 and 3) to some of our recent converts. As soon as we read the scripture that talks about the Lord touching the rocks to make light, all the power cut off. We finished the lesson with candles. It was pretty funny how it all happened the the precise moment.

So with the whole being transfered thing, we didnt get a chance to call this awesome family who we are working with. They arrived a little late to church on sunday so we didnt get the chance to tell them we were leaving, because both my comp and I are leaving. They are white washing us! Bishop got up and announced that 2 missionaries were leaving the ward and they were gonna give their testimonies. My comp got up first and gave a nice message. Then, I stood up and I heard the whole ward take a gasp. It was kinda cool. As I bore my tesimony I looked over to the mom of the family we are teaching and observed her break down in to tears. I never knew what it meant when people said that the people of the land will love you. I really found that this has been my favorite sector and favorite ward. I really came to love the people of Independencia, Talca. I bore my testimony of the powers of Christ and the divinity of Gods plan. I testified on the truths I have come to know and feel and felt an inner peace as I did. It truly is impossible for all of this stuff to not be true! Im excited for the new changes, and I know my mission president is very inspired and that the lord is the head of this marvolilous work!

We visited many of the people we were teaching these past couple of days and I received many wonderful comments. I love this work. Its a blast. Its sad when missionaries stop working hard. Its too fun to stop working hard. And this work is only fun if you work as hard as you possibly can.

Elder McGee

Obispo and his family
Familia Valdez
La zona Talca 2

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