Tuesday, February 17, 2015

20 weeks left. WHAT.

20 weeks left. WHAT.
4 and a half months left. I gotta work even harder!
This week was great. A little more relaxed because we changed houses and had a ward activity out in the campo!

We moved to a sweet new house! I got to do some realestate for the second time in the mission following my dads footsteps! We live in a super nice apartment complex that doesnt even compare to the rest of the houses here in Chile. We moved everything over using tricylces! Its like the chilean form of a truck. We had 2 of them rolling down the street. 
On saturday we rolled out to the country on a old bus with the ward and had a blast playing soccer on a dirt field and having a huge asado(bbq) It was a ton of fun.
The family we are working with is still doing great! We found another young couple named Sebastian and Valentia. They are stoked to start working towards a baptismal goal! We were also teaching another dude who has been taught by missionaries for years. I give him my all when we are in teaching him. Yesterday he gave out the example of a shoe box and a coin, and he feels that he is shaking the shoe box to see if there is a coin inside. He said he is shaking the box but he doesnt hear the coin. At the end of the lesson his wive came in with a coin taped to the top of the box and said maybe you should stop shaking the box and open it! The spirit just came rolling in and he kept his mouth shut. AWESOME.
This week I gained an even stronger testimony of the sacrament. I had a relaxed week like I said and felt like maybe I didnt give it my all. I felt a little down. I had been praying and trying to get my energy back up. On sunday I got to church and during the sacrament just started thinking about the atonement, the enabling powers of it and the benefits it gives us and the positive acts it has over the fall of adam and eve. I felt and ever-so-strong feeling of the spirit rush into my heart and fill out the little holes in my soul and got the strong impression that i shouldnt worry, that everything was gonna be okay, that I can only work harder the next week, and recieved a ton of energy to keep working hard! We later had the chance to give a blessing, and I felt all the energy from the atonement flow through me as I let my tongue flow. I had another chance to give a blessing this week, and both times, there were many tears. I feel so blessed to be able to bless the lives of others and become the hands of God himself.
I read an awesome talk called Praise to the Man by President Gordon B Hinkley this week.
He exclaimed that we must reaffirm our testimony of the prophet jospeh smith and the book of mormon EVERY DAY. I loved that.

Creativity is just connecting things.
​ -Steve Jobs

​So yeah,
have a good one (:
Elder McGee​

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