Monday, February 9, 2015

Wow! Awesome week!

Wow! Awesome week!

On wednesday I was priviliged with the oppurtunity to train 2 zones of missionaries. About 45 people in total. I was thrilled to share some of my ideas and passion towars being a proactive positive person. I felt the spirit fill my soul. Later I went out to the beach sector Constitucion with an Elder from Colombia. Farther south than where dallas is at! I was once again priviliged to be able to help him confront some of his fears and worries. We ended almost in tears and with a long hug as the spirit filled our hearts. He felt like he wanted to go home recently but he explained to me how I had answered his prayers and given him an extra boost of energy and love towards the work. I was then later filled with the spirit as I testified to this lovely family we are teaching about the plan of salvation that we can live. Later, I was filled with the spirit once again on Sunday as I was asked to give a talk right before we started the sacrament and I was to give it as soon as the sacrament finished. I was thrilled to see the promise of recieving the precise words in the precise moment as we always study the scriptures. I was inspired quickly with 2 examples that went perfect with some of Christs invitations that we anilized. I took them apart word by word and gave the most simple powerful talk I have given so far in my life.
I love being an ELDER. Someone who teaches the doctrines of Christ. Its such an honor. I love it and have so many oppurtunities to teach and be creative.

The person who hears the truth is not the same as the person who understands the truth, and the person that understands the truth is not the same as the person who LOVES the truth.
​ -Chinese Proverb
Romans 14: God gives us trials so that we might obtain patience.
Our patience then can turn into hope. Hope in who? Hope in Christ that he will reedem our sins. Coming unto Christ can only bring us to something bigger. God. Its a big circle of Gods love for us.

Today we explored the mountains in a place called Vilches. About 2 hours towards the mountains. It only takes 4 hours to cross chiles width. Awesome.

Elder McGee

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