Monday, February 2, 2015

WOO what a week!

WOO what a week!
We have been finding so many awesome people! Im so excited to continue working with all of them. I am in my favorite sector Ive had for my whole mission!! This ward is awesome, and I feel like Im doing my best to make sure there is more unity! 
We have been teaching the Valdez family this whole week. Ive never met someone who was so prepared in my life. They are what we call: Una familia de Oro.

They came to church and everyone made them feel so welcome!
We had a leadership meeting on friday, it was pretty cool. I got to give a 10 minute workshop on how to bring people to church. I had a blast with that of course! We had papa johns for lunch as well which was awesome. We tried to get home but there were no buses. So we went to the train station and the train wasnt gonna come for another 3 hours, so I went and helped out the secretaries with their work. We went back for the train and it looked like one of those japanese train videos where a million people are trying to get on.. So we didnt dare to try to smash ourselves onto it. So we had to stay the night again and we finally made it 2 hours back to the south to Talca. Its kinda cool here in chile. There is one train track and one high way that extends from the north of chile all the way to the south!
On sunday we got to church and we went up to talk to a guy who we hadnt seen before. He says "hey elders! Where are you guys from?" in english! It was funny. My companion replied saying he was from utah and I said Im from missouri! He replied and said wow! What part of missouri? I said Springfield! He says wow cool, do you happen to know who Shaun Breckenridge is? I said Wow! Thats my bishop. He says "Hes my brother. hahahaha. So I met bishop breckenridges brother here in my ward in Talca, Chile. Who wouldve known! There are like 12 wards here in Talca! What are the chances! He baptized some of the members we ate with last week. SMall world!
Today we played some good ole futbol. I was prideful to wear my new US soccer jersey! I get prideful about our country alot. (:
Today Im on divisones with my best buddy from the mission Elder Horsely. Were gonna be millionaires after the mission. Our companions are both ending their missions so they went up to rancagua for a special meeting.

Elder McGee

I took some great pictures with Bishops brother and other stuff this week... but I forgot my camera in the house. Until next week (: but here is a picture from the temple in mexico! almost 2 years ago...

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