Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey familia!
This week was a roller coaster!
We had some rough days where we got a little down on ourselves because we were achieving the success that we wanted, and then the week ended marvelous.

An elder got back from his mission this past week, and gave an awesome testimony. We usuyally have like 85 people come to church, and this week we had 113 in church! We brought an hermano to church this week after many years of not wanting anything to do with the church. We walked into his house, gave him a huge hug and showed him some true charity and christlike love, explained a little bit of the catholic churches history and american history and explained how it all intertwined into the restoration of the church today! He was stoked, and we talked about an eternal family, temple sealing and everything. He is ready to start progressing baby! 
We also brought an entire family to church, and the father is not a member. We are getting some work done, we are suprising all the members in the branch with a huge amount of excitement, and energy. Everyone is like who are these 2 elders? hhaha. getting WORK done just being ourselves. My companion, Elder Plaza, and I get along really well!
This week Elder Zeballos came to speak to the mission. What an incredible man. He spoke to us about how sometimes we have to climb one moutain before we see the next mountain we have to climb. Sometimes, we as humans have to be in a certain situation or place to be able to see that there is another mountain hiding behind the one we just climbed! haha awesome talk!
Today my companion and I went running about 5 miles to the neareest mountain. We climbed it, and found a cave. We read the scriptures up there, and I felt like Enos or Nephi! haha. It was powerful. We were above the clouds (:
Dont wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect!
 Angels still come these days to help us. I know it. Ive seen the power of them.
Elder McGee

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