Monday, October 21, 2013

Wow another week again?? Where is time going!!

Wow, another week again??
Where is time going!!

I just want to thank everyone for their letters this week. Always making me feel loved, and happy! (:

Chile is the coolest place to live!
Can we all just move here together? Then we can all be here as family and friends together, and speak spanish! (:

This past week we watched Chile beat Ecuador so they can play in the World Cup! Chile literally shuts down for soccer! Next year is the World Cup, so I don't even want to know how it's going to be, but hey I'll find out! After they won, we were walking home, and you could see the TVs on in every house. We could hear people screaming and yelling, and honking their horns for the next hour. It's so cool the pride that they have here! I love it! So yeah! Chile 2014! Woo!!! It's way bigger than the Super Bowl. I'm not exaggerating when I say that EVERYONE watches the game!

Houses here sell for about 50,000 dollars. That's for a pretty nice one, too! It's interesting. I could see doing some international real estate! But, I'm focused on the mission and not thinking about business right now. (:

This week, we taught a seminary class, had eight people come to church, and taught fifteen lessons, I think! Pretty good stats! It feels good to be successful here! We also have three baptismal dates coming up, and we are going to try to get a fourth this week. (:

I find myself doing Spanish work all the time. It's funny because before, I would never do my Spanish homework! Now, I do Spanish homework in the morning, after lunch and a little before bed! I just wanna get it down! I know it's only been like a month and a half in Chile, but I know that if I do my part in studying, that the Lord will bless me with this language! (:

I see Logan is becoming a stud! All types of girls over there for him! (: Keep up the work Logan!

I've been carrying around Dad's nametag from when he was on a mission and so far its proved to be good luck! He's the greatest guy ever! I'm sure he was a great missionary too! (:

Our Bishop here was wearing a Food Lion shirt one day. I thought that was pretty funny! (Food Lion is like an east coast Price Cutter.)

We have been teaching a boy who is 12-years-old. He is so awesome! He often wants to come hangout with us. One night he came up to our appartment and wanted to know if he could just hangout with us. We were already in bed! Haha! He has memorized all of the Ten Commandments, and is now reading The Book of Mormon! It's amazing to see that a young kid has such a strong desire to know the truth! We are also teaching his family and his cousin. They are a great family! We play lots of games to teach them! It's fun being creative with them. (:

This week I truly tried to study The Book of Mormon. I pray before I study every day, and then I read each verse slowly. Sometimes several times! It's amazing how much information is actually in there! It's so cool too! We can learn much from it! I've been keeping track of how many (Books of Mormon) I've given out! So far I'm at ten and it hasn't been two months. So if I keep this up, I could give out like one hundred somthing by the end of the two years. (:

Well, that's about it for this week, I think!

I love getting all your emails every week! (:
Thanks for remembering me down here in Chile! I think about you all - all of the time.
Don't forget that you are all in my prayers every day! (:I love all of you!

Do some service for someone this week! Remember, "when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God!"
Have a great week!

Elder McGee

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