Monday, October 28, 2013

Yoooo, ¿Que pasaaaaaaa??

Dear Family and Friends, 

I'm going to share with you a little bit about how my week went. I would just like to say that I'm loving the mission and any trial that comes at me, I just push aside and keep going. There's not enough time in the mission to do anything except work for the people we are teaching!

Para mi, El español es mucho mas facil a entender! Entiendo es un bendecione grande de Dios! Estoy aprendiendo tanto! Miguel me envio un carte este semana, y puedo entender todos! El escribio en espanol un poco! Pero, este semana fue super bakan! Estoy disfrutiendo este obra mucho! Me gusta aprendiendo los palabras de Chile! Algunas son muy chistoso, como flyte! Lo signica como Gangsta. Jajaja. Ok, ahorra en Ingles para mis amigos que no pueden hablar español (:

Guys, Chile is treating me well!

I just want to thank everyone for your nice compliments and encouraging words to me. It's so nice every week to check the e-mails, and receive such a strength of the support that I have at home. Thank you guys so much for being so positive and helping me out. You have no idea what even the smallest letters or words of encouragement do for me. I received like ten letters this week. It was so great to hear what's going on with the family and the ward. So thank you for anyone who has sent me a letter. You guys are the besttttt!!

This past week, the ward had a Halloween party! The ward here is pretty great. When they have an activity -- everyone attends! Anyways, there's an hermano who is a DJ. He set up his system, and was playing a bunch of music I used to play. Missionaries aren't allowed to dance, so it was nice to just relax and listen to some good music in English. (: Sometimes, it would start cussing, and I would tell him what it was saying. It was pretty funny, because they had no idea what it was saying! I also got to talk to a woman who is learning English. So with her broken English and my broken Spanish, we could talk about anything! Haha.

I have been really praying, and fasting for my Spanish to develop. I work hard on it every chance I get. While my companion plays guitar or takes naps or goes to bed early, I'm studying Spanish. I know that if I try my hardest that it will come and the Lord will bless me. (: I just want to be able to speak my heart to this people and share my joy. Right now, all I can do is smile and occasionally add something and shake my head! haha.

Dallas, remember that Don Omar song (in Spanish that) we used to DJ with a lot? I could understand the whole song at that party (:

This week, I really started craving a Lambert's roll with some honey on it! Can you guys have them throw me one all the way to Chile? hahaha.

Dad, I heard some of your music this week: "I Ain't Missin' You" and some Milli Vanilli! I was pretty pumped. These Chileans have some good taste in music.

Okay, so this week one night after a long hard day of work, we finally fell asleep. At about 12:30 am, I woke up to what literally sounded like a war outside. It sounded like there were bombs going off -- just the loudest noises. They were shaking the whole house. I mean these things were louder than anything I've ever heard outside. So my companion and I got out of bed in a srcramble not knowing what to do! We looked outside and there were quite a few people in the street. After figuring out for a few minutes what was going on, we realized it was fireworks! We don't really know what went on that night because fireworks are illegal in Chile. It was pretty scary. Afterwards, we just laughed and went back to sleep!

We have been making brownies and "puppy chow" (Chex mix).  This week we are attempting corn bread. The people here love this stuff! It's funny! We tell members we will make them snacks if they have us over with one of their friends. It works pretty well. (:

We also got TEN dollars this past week because we had one of the top five cleanest houses in the whole mission. I think it's because the first day I got into my house, I was like, ohhh no. We are cleaning this a lot. So we spent almost the whole first preparation day cleaning. I cleaned pretty deep. And I make my companion clean up his messes every day. (:

As far as blessings go... this week we had no new investigadors. By numbers, we are supposed to have eight a week. That's our goal -- usually we get four or five. This week we had none. Absolutely none. So we fasted for it.

Yesterday, it was about 9:15 pm. We had about 15 minutes until we had to be home. I said a quick prayer in my head that the people we could find would be outside and waiting for us. So my companion said, "Well, we have no lessons. Everything fell through, lets just go home..." And I replied, "Okay, but let's take the long way and talk to everyone outside."

We ended up finding a couple who was outside talking in their nice, little garden. It was awesome! We taught them a quick lesson and hurried home so we could be in on time. The smallest blessings are the best!!

Also, we have some investigators who have been living together for fourteen years. You can't get baptized unless you live the Law of Chastity and since they are living together, they couldn't be baptized. Soooo, this week, we got big news that they are getting married!! Woooo. After fourteen years! Some people would call that good timing. I know that they were being prepared for us by God, and that it was a blessing.

This Saturday we have two baptisms! Wooo! (: (One of them is in the photo in a red shirt standing next to me.)

Anyways, have an awesome week and a safe Halloween. I will be praying for you all as usual. If you could this week, add in your prayers, that Spanish can come more easily for me, I would appreciate it. I'm going to try extra hard this week and a few more prayers would be great! Thank you. (:  I love you all!


Elder McGee

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