Monday, August 25, 2014

Could I ask for a better life??

Could I ask for a better life??
This week was awesome! I got way into studying the book Jesus the Christ, which is killer! It put me to sleep the first few times I tried to read it, but now I cant put it down. Im reading the new testament along with it, and putting all the details together, I have just found such an "awe" at some of the things Christ did for us. I reccomend the book (:
We did service for a member who is the owner of our new house, inside our new house. SO I dont know if it was service for him or for us, but we painted our new house. It was a blast. We brought my little bose speaker and just jammed and painted. Good moments. We also dug a bunch of holes for another member who is building a shop behind his house!
Wednesday, I stayed in Santa Cruz, which is the biggest city in our zone here and about 2 hours away from here by bus. I went on divs with another missionary named Elder Bowen. We had a blast, and I had the chance to do my first baptismal interview. What a great experiance to see someone after all the changes they have made, look at you in the eyes and tell you that they have a desire to follow Christ and be a better person.
I also had the chance this past week to meet some gringos. They teach an english school here and come for a year at a time. They invited us to their school this week to talk a little bit about chile, and why we are here.
I gave a talk in church about the signs of the second coming, which was a blast, and the district presidency was there. 
We had a huge success this past week too. We had a less active we are working with come to church for the first time in 26 years. She is the mom of Vicente who is going to get baptized and his sister is very interested as well. We are going to baptize them in the ocean!! woo. Lots of happiness and success. The whole family came to church. We are excited for them. She thanked us and said because of our persistance she finally came. haha.
Today we found a waterfall next to the beach after a 2 hour walk out there, and then we returned another 2 hours, ate some shrimp corn empanadas, and enjoyed life to the full.
Love you all.
Elder McGee

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