Monday, August 11, 2014

Were having a blast. Im learning to network just like my dad.

We are progressing. This week we found 5 new people to teach. Apparently that doesnt happen much in this turist ran town. But I am living proof to show that anything can happen whenever you give it your all with a huge motivation, a little bit of faith, and lots of juicy long prayers. We laugh, we run, we joke and just make the best of every situation. I never quite understood the famous Tarzan song by Phil collins that states "You learn when you teach, and you teach when you learn." We have hard weeks. We work long hours, but not long hours like a day job, we work long hours like Christ worked whenever he was here on the earth. He worked all day, all night, thought about his work, and was his work through his actions. I have found such a love for waking up early, getting down on a freezing cold hard tile floor and letting my heart explode in love for the people here in Pichilemu. I have never been so tired, or so exhausted with a permanent smile smacked on my face as we sweat, walk, get insulted, and get doors shut on us. Im happy, and im having a blast, and have learned more than ever than this just as anything else we do is all how we make it. "Come what may, and love it."

The best part about being here is taking a nice jog to the beach each morning, taking a nice plop in the soft black sand, and saying a little prayer thanking our maker for the beautful creations and amazing oppurtunities we have here in this earth.

Last week we had interviews with President, and he gave me some wonderful compliments and some great motivation. As well as it was the last time I will see my buddy Elder Harding for a while. We lived together for 6 months and he goes home tomorrow. He will be brother Harding now.

Were having a blast. Im learning to network just like my dad. Here in Pichilemu, Ive made friends with an ice cream lady who gives us free ice cream when we pass, a Radio Dj who wants us to take a spot on his show, and a man who rents horses on the beach. I dont know what that does for me, but its cool. I just have my heart so filled for the poeple here.

I love life. Thank you.

P.s. good luck to Dallas Rex McGee who will be taking a new look on life tomorrow.

just wait for the pictures to load, they will come (:

Elder McGee

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