Monday, September 1, 2014

Another week here in Paradise!

Another week here in Paradise!
We have had lots of rain, which means lots and lots of mud! Like Ive said before there arent many streets here!
I had divisones this week for 3 days! haha I was with an Elder from El Salvador. We had a good time!

One night we got welcomed to the back of a dudes wood shop who was completely drunk. He had us sit down, and he put music on and just danced for like 30 minutes. He was saying funny stuff in english like "my dog is a surf dog" and what not! That was probably one of the funniest nights of my mission so far!
We spent alot of time deep cleaning the house to get ready for today because we are moving, so thats exciting!
I got to meet some australians and canadians thid past week. This town is so cool because people come from all over the world to surf these waves! Cause they are pretty big! haha. Its super weird to just talk in english! Ive had the oppurtunity to meet people from so many countries. haha. Its awesome.
The good news this week is that 2 of our investigators are gonna get baptized! we are super excited to see them progress! We have changes next week so ill see if im with a new comp or not this friday.
Everything is going awesome! 
I love life to the max.
Love Elder McGee

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