Monday, September 8, 2014

This week was a good one.

We didnt get to work for 2 days this past week because of moving and cleaning the old house! The new house we have is awesome. Our study room alone is half the size of the old house. Everything is just better about it and we are very excited to live here. (Its closer to our sector too) It was interesting moving houses here in the mission. Usually we just move from house to house as missionaries. But this time we moved the house intstead of us.

Tuesday rained and rained and rained. I bought my first umbrella in the mission... haha. Its awesome here becuase the streets just turn into water canals!
We are coming up on the 4th of July of Chile. The 18th of September. Its awesome! im excited. Every plays with kites and tops and eats tons of meat!
The owners of our house are members and so on friday to officially welcome house they made us a pizza and we all had a good time.
Yesterday was one of the happiest days I think I have had. A Family we are working with had to leave suddenly a couple of weeks ago and we were so sad because they are our main focus. They went up to santiago. So the past couple of weeks we have been calling them and making sure they are reading and praying and progressing! So they called us yesterday and said, hey come over we just got back! So we went over and they opened the door and it was just full of joy! Everyone was shaking hands, giving hugs and so happy! So we taught like the best lesson ever on the plan of salvation and ended by putting a baptismal date. It was great. My companion really ha a blast as well because it was his first time feeling that!
Today we cleaned the house, and then headed down to buy empanadas and hang out on the beach. We met two people from England, so that was funny. then we just relaxed on the beach. I brought my speaker and we danced and just really enjoyed the best moments in the mission.
So thats my invitation for you this week. No matter where you are or what you are doing, just enjoy it. Come what may and love it. Enjoy the moments, becuase we cant have them again!
I love you.
Elder McGee

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