Monday, October 20, 2014


How is it going familization?
I had a great week studying the general confence talks from the last week! Ive narrowed it down to my 4 favorites!
Elder Christofferson
Elder Bednar
Elder Klebingat
and of course President Monson!

We had a pretty great week last week! We are working with some new people and are still working with our golden family! (: Life is just so good out here in the mission. I cant believe how fast the time has gone by, and it had made me reflect quite a bit recently. Ive been trying to just consegrate myself to the work. The promise in Matthew 16 says those who lose in their lifes in the work of the Lord will find their life. There isnt many things more important that sharing the knowledge that we have. Happiness isnt real until its shared.
We had a great week though, some good success, and we had some traveling to do as welll. 
We traveled to santa cruz on friday night, and stayed the night with some other Elders. We were 10 people in one house! In the end of the night, the gringos were in one room, and the latinos were in another room, just kinda funny! (:
Saturday morning, we headed up to San Fernando for a 2 zone conference! We learned alot and had tons of fun!
The mish is just so great! So many awesome experiances every week!
The best experiance of the week was watching the restoration video with our investigators and just enjoying in so much. We watched it with my bose speaker connected so it just gave just much more impact (: The spirit was strong, and we all felt the power of the truth made manifest by the spirit.
Today we went exploring in the bosque (forrest) Pichilemu means Pequeño Bosque (Small Forrest) in the native mapuche language here in Chile.
Life is good!
I miss you all,
Elder McGee

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