Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This week was awesome!

I still havent heard from Dallas!
This week was awesome!
To start off, I met Sister Bradshaw who is from springfield today! We had 2 zones come to Pichilemu. Cool stuff to have someone else from Springvegas! There are 2 other missionaries apart from her who are missourians, so we are 4 here!

We went on splits with the assistants this week and that was a blast. It gave me that extra boost nessisary to fully become my self and try to reach my potencial! We talked to tons of people this week. TONS. And the results payed off. We found 3 new people, and brought 3 to conference. Pretty awesome from having nothing the week before. I am just working as hard as I can so that other people can understand the importance of this everlasting Gospel. Some people just dont understand and it drives me crazy. Our message is simple. God loves us, so he calls prophets. Prophets are vital to guide Christs church to have the authority to administer what we do. Jospeh Smith was called as the first prophet in this dispensation to re establish Christs only church here on the earth. Its vital to be baptized by someone who has the authority from God. Through Faith in Jesus Christ everything is possible, and we are also entitled to personal revelation to know if these things are true. Simple. Why dont more people understand. Thats at least what I feel everyone needs to know. So yeah, Im happy, and life is good.
Conference was AWESOME. President Monsons talk blew me away. Its not important that we walked where Christ walked, but to walk as he walked. As I have been studying the new testament, along with Jesus the Christ, I find more and more that the will of the Father in heaven is so important. Jesus Christ did not just make an example for us, he is our example. He life was his greatest sermon. So what does that say about us? Our our lives our greatest sermons. Do we live the example and have our own personal ministry. We need to nutrish our testimonies ever day through the power of pray, study, and attending church. The prophet is vital for us in this life to guide us to live with our Heavenly Father again.
If you arent a member of this church, learn more about it, and be one.
The mission field is great. Im learning tons, becoming firm in my testimony and learning what becoming a man of God is.
Not every day is bright and sunny, but all flowers grow through dirt, and one day after many hard ones, we will sprout and become beautiful flowers. (:
My favorite story of conference was Bednars about his 2 sons and sharing the oitment and bandaids in relation to sharing the gospel. When we find something awesome, we must share it. True happiness is only found when shared.
Thanks for all the support.
Elder McGee

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